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Douglas Sweets

What began as a family tradition in Chicago and as an effort to remain connected to her roots in Scotland, Douglass Sweets founder, Debra, found a warm and welcoming home in the Green Mountains. Starting as so many incredible small Vermont businesses do, the Douglass Sweets story began with sharing a delicious product with family and friends and then finding a larger extended “family” by selling her addictive shortbread at the local Farmers’ Markets. 

After taking a two year trip around the world with her children during their high school years, Debra came back with little workplace experience (she was a homemaker for 18+ years) and had little income to spend on holiday gifts. Without skipping a beat, Debra did what she knew best and turned her family's shortbread recipe into an inexpensive stocking stuffer. Needless to say, the shortbread was a hit and Debra had the eureka moment she needed to take her family tradition from a delicious holiday gift to what has now become Douglas Sweets. 

In the time since those early days, Douglas Sweets has expanded from the Debra’s mother’s original shortbread recipe into an impressive variety of flavors, everything from Lemon Rosemary, (great with Vermont Cheese) to latte chocolate chip shortbread that smells like a Viennoiserie right out of a Viennese pastry shop. 

However, in line with her mother’s recipe, the business is a true (woman owned) family affair. Hannah, one of Debra’s daughters, helps with day-to-day operations. Her daughter-in -aw, a graphic designer based in Spain is in charge of package design and all are on deck for quality control ensuring the products meet their high standards and taste delicious. 

These “wee comforting bites” are perfect for Vermont’s chilly winters and no joke, it's really hard to eat just one of these, or just two… or just three. We highly recommended that each person get their own bag to prevent quarrels.