Untapped - Only Vermont Club


Only Vermont Club is proud to feature Untapped in our Vermont Holiday Collection.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that was certainly the case behind the origin of Untapped. Born out of the vision of Ted King, a professional cyclist, and the Cochran family, the legendary alpine skiing family of Cochran resort fame–UnTapped is the manifestation of the unlikely pairing of maple products and sports. 

The story begins when genius struck Tim while on a cycling trip. After he stopped at one of Vermont’s many rural country stores to refuel, he found himself holding a “nip” of maple syrup. All types of artificial sugar concoctions are already used for sports fuel, but Tim knew he had struck sweet sugary gold when he realized that maple could not only fuel athletes in need of energy, but could also provide an array of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Before long, Untapped was born while simultaneously creating a whole new category of sports focused maple products.

Even though UnTapped was created with sports in mind, there is no reason not to enjoy their delicious maple waffle treats by a crackling fire, with a hot drink, aprés ski, or even just with a good book.

"Born and raised in New England, maple syrup is part of my upbringing just as the gospel of maple syrup has been a passion of mine for years when I traveled the globe as a professional cyclist. Knowing that it is a single, pure ingredient and better yet that it is an incredibly wholesome, nutritious ingredient, it didn’t take long before maple syrup was fueling my rides and races, leaving behind the world of traditional sports gels."    


-Ted King, co-founder